6 Simple Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Minutes

Just about every real business professional knows these days that they have to be on LinkedIn. It’s the social networking website to be in because it truly does help people in various industries network with needed contacts. It can help you find client, customers, and partners, and it can even help you to land a job.

But if you want your LinkedIn profile to help you in your job search, you need to make sure that it actually contains the various attributes future employers and hiring managers are looking for. Take a look at these necessary features so that you can tweak your LinkedIn profile properly:

1. A Photograph of You

Everyone knows that LinkedIn works very well to encourage the forging of connections between professionals. But it’s easier to engage and start conversations with people when you can put a face to their names. That’s why it’s imperative that your photograph is part of your profile and not some sort of favorite avatar.

Just make sure the picture is professional and friendly. Take a look at the photos the other top pros in your industry are using, and emulate them.

2. Higher Number of Connections

It doesn’t look good for you if you have a LinkedIn profile and you only have a handful of connections to your profile. Recruiters may form erroneous conclusions about your personality. They may think that you’re intimidated by technology and social media, that you’re antisocial and reclusive, or maybe even that you’re paranoid.

None of these conclusions are favorable, obviously. So try to least connect with about 50 to 100 people on LinkedIn.

3. A Complete Profile

LinkedIn actually has a measure to determine how complete your profile is. It’s best if you heed their given suggestions on how you can make your profile more complete.

Recruiters check on your LinkedIn profile to confirm your data on your resume and to more about your personality and your character. So make sure you provide that sort of information.

4. Signs of High Performance

In many ways, hiring managers treat LinkedIn profiles as resumes. They look for accomplishments to your name, and they specifically search for “action” words. So make sure you have those in your profile.

Endorsements also help, as you’re actually marketing yourself through LinkedIn. You’re more likely to get endorsements when you’re active in endorsing others, as many people like to reciprocate.

5. Passion and Excitement

It’s not too hard to demonstrate that you’re authentically passionate about your field. Share juicy news and articles about your field. Announce whatever you’re doing in your industry. Participate in group discussions about your specialty.

6. Secure 3rd-Party Recommendations

Solicit good recommendations from your closest associates and connections. You may have to provide good recommendations yourself, and that shouldn’t be a problem for you too. Just make sure that the recommendation showcases what you want to be highlighted and provide particular examples.

In the end, LinkedIn is just a high-tech tool that works for an old-fashioned principle like networking. Enlarge the circles who you know, and then use your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate what you know!

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