8 Cover Letter Hacks to Making You Stand Out

When you send your CV to potential employees, you’re not supposed to just drily list your educational attainment and work history. You also need to introduce yourself as a person, and for that, you have the cover letter. This cover letter is supposed to highlight your personality, and your goal is to impress your potential employer as to who you really are.

However, the sad truth is that it’s generally very difficult to actually write a cover letter that stands out. The good news is that with a few tips, you may end up with a much better cover letter to accompany your resume.

1. Personally, address the intended reader

Sure, it’s easy to just start the letter with “To whom it may concern”, but that’s not as effective as using their actual name. This has long been known by email marketers, who found out that their email messages were more effective when they start with a greeting that includes the name of the recipient. So go do some online research and find out the name of the hiring manager while you do your research on the company itself.

2. Mention a mutual contact

Networking has long been an important factor in employment. In fact, many employers often just go ahead and hire people they know instead of going through a tedious hiring process. To find out if you have someone in your circle who knows the hiring manager, and then mention their name. This gives the hiring manager a reference they can quickly consult regarding who you are.

3. Provide objective metrics for your professional accomplishments

In the intro, don’t just say you were in charge of your team, but mention how many they were. Specify how many hours you spent on a project you once worked on.

4. Emphasize how excited you are to work for that company

Employers want enthusiastic employees, so don’t forget to mention how excited you are. You can also say that with your abilities, you can hit the ground running when you get to work.

5. Write about your teamwork ability

Employers also want to know about how you will fit into the culture of their company. To emphasize how well you communicated and collaborated with your former (or current) coworkers. Don’t forget to mention your mentor who helped you learn your current job.

6. Specify how you can contribute to your employer’s company

You can emphasize your value to the company by pointing out the ways you can help. It also shows off your dedication to the team.

7. Look over your cover letter and replace the cliché words

Many cover letters don’t stand out because they all seem to use the same exact words. So check your cover letter and look for overused words that you can replace with more seldom used alternatives. Instead of saying that you’re determined, try saying you’re tenacious. You’re not innovative, you’re inventive. You weren’t creative, you were Use a thesaurus!

8. Don’t forget the call to action

It’s important that you end with the reminder or the suggestion that they ought to hire you. But be polite and open-ended so you don’t come off as too arrogant. Finish by saying that you look forward to meeting them and that you’re excited to hear more information from them about the job and the company.

Put to use all these tips, and you may just end up with a cover letter that’s actually memorable. That’s the point—you want them to remember you, though of course, you want them to remember you in a good way!

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