6 Top Things You Should Know About a Company Before You Apply

Just because you want to be employed doesn’t mean that you’ll be better off when you’re hired by a crappy company. It’s not only because they don’t pay all that well either company is so bad to work for that your employment period with them is worse than just wasting your time. It can be downright aggravating. In fact, your time with a bad company can set you back and can even reduce your chances of future success.

Here are some kinds of companies that you certainly should do everything to avoid:

1. They Lack a Clear Direction

Joining a company which doesn’t seem to know where they’re going is like joining a guide on an expedition without a map and prior knowledge of the area—you’re both going to get lost in a hurry.

So how do you know that the company is directionless? You can easily sense this when the hiring manager won’t openly discuss where they see the company going in the future, and they have no idea of what challenges the future may bring. If they can’t forecast where they will be in the years ahead, you won’t want to be with them when they invariably sink.

2. The Pigeonholed Slot

It’s great when there’s an opening for a slot where the responsibilities match your skill set precisely. However, you may have noticed that the hiring manager doesn’t quite ask about your future goals, so that you can segue into what career advancement opportunities are available in the company.

If there’s no mention of mentorship and the availability of learning opportunities, then you’re basically taking a position that’s a dead end. It may seem like your dream job now, but you need to take into account your future needs and a future family. This job may not then be all that perfect in the future.

Avoid this job, because you’ll be stagnating in your career track. Doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of your professional life is a kind of hell like Sisyphus condemned to roll a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down every time.

3. High Turnover

You’ve noticed that there’s a job opening in a company. But it’s the same job opening you noticed 6 months before, and then 6 months before that. This basically means either the persons they hired keep quitting, or the company seems to delight in firing the people they hire. Either way, it doesn’t look good for you and you may just end up wasting your time as well.

4. Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians

When a company seems to have a lot of top executives and too few ranks and file employees, there’s a problem. It means that the folks of upper management are coddled, yet the rank and file people are overworked and underappreciated. So when you read reviews in a company. Make sure you notice how much attention is paid to what the worker bees are doing.

5. A Great Façade

You will want to do research on what it actually means to work inside the offices of a company with a great reputation. Sure, they may have the best products and a cool website, but the working conditions may be awful.

6. Poor Company Culture

You really should avoid companies that tend to earn a lot of negative employee reviews. Try to talk to current employees, and discuss the matter of company culture during the interview. A toxic culture can seriously damage your morale in the future.

Regardless of how desperate you are in trying to land a job, you ought to avoid these kinds of companies at all costs. They can very well prove to you that in their case, it’s possible to be worse off being employed than being unemployed.

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