5 Common Types of Job Interviews, And How to Nail Them

Despite what some people may think, a direct one-on-one job interview isn’t the only way many employers are going about with job interviews. They may instead go with another type, or even use more than one type to assess your suitability for their available position.

Your job is to be ready for the interview, no matter what form it may take. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Phone Interview

You may talk to them on the phone expecting a discussion on where you’ll meet for the interview, and you may find that you’re actually being interviewed already when you’re on the phone. Often this is a screener interview, though it also works when you’re not in the same city as the interviewer.

To succeed here, make sure you listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Pause before you answer, so you’re sure that they’re done speaking and it’s your turn to talk. Don’t forget to smile even when they can’t see you, as people can somewhat sense that sort of thing.

2. Video Interviews

As more people nowadays work remotely, video interviews are becoming more common. The tech tools for this type of interviews are also now more easily available.

To prepare for this type of interview, it’s best that you treat it like a direct personal interview. You also need a quiet room where there’s no one that can walk behind you, and your background should look professional. It doesn’t really look good when you’re lying in bed in your pajamas.

3. Informational Interviews

This is a face-to-face interview, but it’s more about gaining info regarding the company and the job rather than persuading them to hire you. So there probably won’t be a job offer at the end and don’t ask for the job either. The point here is to get the info that may not be featured in their websites or in news media articles.

Ask your questions, and be prepared with a list of questions to ask. Afterward, send a thank you note.

4. Group Interview

You may be asked to come into their office for a job interview, and you may find that you’re not the only person being interviewed. In fact, you’re being interviewed together with the other applicants.

This type of interview is more competitive, so try to be the first person to answer at least one of the questions. But you don’t want to go overboard and be the first to answer all the questions.

The point here is that the interviewers want to see your work in a more stressful setting. At the same time, they want to see if you can get along with a group.

5. Panel Interview

This time, you’re the sole interviewee and there’s more than one interviewer. It’s a bit more intimidating like you’re young Anakin Skywalker being interrogated by the Jedi Council.

If you know you’re entering a panel interview, try to find out who the interviewers will be. Make eye contact with each interviewer as they speak. Don’t forget to have questions of your own as well.

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