4 Top Reasons Why Working At a Startup Can Accelerate Your Career

Ever since the rise of mega-corporations, generations of workers have generally aspired to work for one of these large companies. The advantages seem obvious—these large companies have lots of job openings and they can offer more perks and higher salaries. They’re less likely to fail, so job security seems good. There’s also the prestige factor, as these large corporations are often famous.

Yet all these advantages of working for a huge company do not mean that working for a small business is merely a backup option. In fact, you may want to seriously consider working for such a small company as your primary goal. Here are some reasons why:

1. You May Have a Better Chance of Getting Promoted

When you work for a large company, it often means that you are competing with a huge number of people to get promoted. Aside from having to do well in your work, there may be intrigued and office politics as well in order to get promoted. In addition, quite a few huge corporations have firm policies that set a minimum period of employment before you can be considered a candidate for promotion.

These aren’t problems with a small business. You’re not generally competing with as many people for a higher position. You may also be promoted purely on merit instead of on your length of service and your ability to deal with office politics.

2. You’re Able to Get More Hands-On Experience

Many large companies tend to coddle new employees at the start, and then they may generally be slotted to do a specific set of tasks. The job is generally very well-defined. So you may gain only limited experience and you may end up doing the same things again and again.

With small companies that have a smaller workforce, often employees may have to become more versatile. So if you work here, you may be less likely to be pigeonholed into a specific role. Instead, you may be asked to do more, depending on the needs of the small business. This enables you to gain more work experience which makes your CV more impressive. Plus, you’re less likely to get bored.

3. You Can Make a Difference and Everyone Will Know It

It’s very easy to be overlooked in a large corporation. People in positions several levels higher than yours will probably not know your name, and they may not be aware of your contributions.

This is the opposite of what happens in a small business, where often everyone knows everybody else. When you do something good for the company, everyone recognizes it including the business owner too. You will certainly feel more appreciated in a small business than with a large corporation.

4. The Work Won’t Have to Be Your Only Focus in Life

Many large corporations value hard work, but often they may put a lot of emphasis on putting in more hours at work in the evenings and during the weekends. Often, it’s the only way for you to stand out from your coworkers if you wish to be promoted. However, that can wreak havoc on your social and family life.

Small businesses are more understanding about keeping reasonable work hours because even the small business owners themselves struggle to maintain a balance between work and family (and self). So in a small business, things like scheduling and day-offs are more flexible. After all, it’s not as if your boss will have to worry about changing the policy for thousands of employees.

All these advantages offset the perks that huge corporations may offer, and your salary may not be as high. But if you value the chance to enlarge your skill set and gain promotion quickly while you have a more flexible work schedule, then you really should consider working for small business first.

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