10 Top Paying Technical Freelance Gig in 2019

Many experts refer to the current freelance work as a “gig economy”. Instead of signing up to work as a full-time employee for a company, more and more people are instead opting to work as contractors and service providers. These workers enjoy having more freedom in their methods and time, and they can work by the hour as well.

There are now about 57 million freelancers in the US, and as a group, they grow by 8.1% each year. In comparison, the entire US workforce sees growth of only 2.6% each year on average.

But as a freelancer, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice a nice salary to enjoy the freedom you get in the gig economy. Here are some gigs that pay the most per hour on average if you’re working as a contractor:

1. Deep learning tasks, $115 per hour

The rise of AI has increased the demand for workers who can do these tasks, and they’re compensated well. To earn this, you need to be skilled in algorithms and in programming languages like Python, Tensorflow, Java, and R.

2. Blockchain jobs, $87 per hour

Blockchain refers to the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, except other similar digital currencies are also coming up. Your job may require you help set up exchanges and platforms for transactions, or design blockchain tech to power a new cryptocurrency. You need to have knowledge of Solidity, Python, and C++.

3. Bitcoin tasks. $65 per hour

Bitcoin deserves its own special category because it’s the most well-known of all the cryptocurrencies. Its infrastructure is stable, but it needs a lot of specialized talent to keep it going.

4. Amazon Web Services Lambda, $51 per hour

More businesses are opting for AWS Lambda over traditional servers because AWS Lambda doesn’t cost as much. This means there’s more work for freelancers who need proficiency in C#, Java, Python, and Node.js.

5. React.js, $40 per hour

React refers to the JavaScript library to create user interfaces mainly for front-end software developers. Freelancers love the fact that companies that rely on React include Yahoo, American Express, and Airbnb.

6. Robotics, $77 per hour

An increasing number of companies have plans to utilize robotic technology to streamline operations. If you have skills in mechanical software applications like eDrawings and Solidworks Professional, you can give this a shot.

7. Penetration Testing, $65 per hour

These are the “ethical hackers” who try to assess a company’s computer security system by trying to hack into them. Their methods can pinpoint vulnerabilities that can then be strengthened. If you’re into hacking, here’s a way to use your skills legally and ethically.

8. Virtual Reality (VR), $50 per hour

For this job, you’ll need to develop virtual reality algorithms. You need a background in 3D scanning and modeling, and you should know C, C#, and C++.

9. Final Cut Pro X, $40 per hour

If you’ve mastered this video editing software from Apple, you’ll be able to create and edit online movies, videos, and advertisements. Final Cut Pro

10. Instagram marketing, $30 per hour

Not many companies know how to use Instagram for their marketing strategy. But if you do, then you’re in luck as it pays very well.

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